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Think of a team. Any team. Except maybe, just at the moment, the Aussie Mens Cricket Team.
Although, even on that team, there is a clear heirarchy, delineation of roles, and a clear-cut understanding of who does what.
The highest-functioning and most successful teams are the ones who know how to get the best out of each individual skillset. Leaders within those teams know how best to engage each of those sets of skills and bring out the best results and outcomes.
Specialisation in a team is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Even for start-ups. While you might not have the financial or organisational bandwidth recruit these specialists internally, recruitment of the right external specialists is just as important.
So, take rugby league for instance. Internally, you're not going to get the halfback to play the winger's role, the lock to play hooker or one of the agile, dart-like play-makers to push through the pack in the forwards.
Just like you're not going to ask the waterboy (or girl) to be the head coach, the physio to be the promotions manager or the team psychologist to run the training roster.
So, why expect your accountant to be your business planner? Why think your banker is there to advise on your organisational structure? Or why would your book keeper look after your professional writing and collateral development.
Each facet of your business support team has a place - and a very good skillset to draw upon.
So use it to your advantage. Certainly, all of them can give you advice of some sort and with varying degrees of accountability and legitimacy.
But make sure your team is bringing their best game to the park - and be sure they are working together without trying to play each other.
Business Coaching is the same deal. We don't profess to give you accounting advice, or think we can replace your financial planner. Nor do we think we should be taking charge or your messaging or marketing.
We will give you tools. We will give you skills. We will help you work out what questions you need to be asking of each of your other team members to get the best outcome and reach your goals.
We won't sugar coat things. We won't let you off the hook.
Coaching is all about setting targets, reaching milestones and then answering the hard questions and facing the music if that doesn't happen.
Make sure your team is as focused as it can be. Do not dilute your access to expertise and the right advice by trying to engage a professional who is highly credentialled in one field, while dabbling in another. It's not good enough.
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