Attitude adjustment might not be just a figure of speech


Oh, there are a million-kazillion different social media memes, motivational poems, videos and heart-felt speeches made about it.

So much so that the word is almost met with a roll of glazed-over eyes and a sense of ho-hum.

But peel back the layers of pop-pysche and the associated hype, and consider just how fundamental attitude is to our success.

You could say it's the focal point (pun intended).

Seriously though. Attitude is the single most important element in personal and professional success - why? Because it enables you to take in new and different information and that facilitiates growth, improvement and betterment.

Dale Carnegie probably summed this up best: "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all".

He's right. And it all comes down to attitude.

The Carnegie Triangle clearly shows success in reaching - and exceeding - your goals is built on three elements: Knowledge. Skills. Attitude.

Knowledge is the foundation stone. But this only accounts for 10percent of your success. The other 90percent is determined by the skills you acquire and your attitude.

We all know, however, that while our knowledge and skills will tend to stay with us through thick and thin, it's our attitude which can tend to waver a little when times get tough.

Yet, that is when we need our attitude to step up the most - and that is precisely where someone like FocalPoint coach Andrew Snow comes in.

Enlisting a good coach - someone you can relate to and who talks your language is vital when your attitude is waning.

Andrew has coached across the full gammut of sporting, business and organisational coaching to build an incredible brief of skills and the understanding of how to help clients in the specific field of business coaching.

Attitude really is everything. And if you lose that, or if it takes a nose dive - which it does from time to time when the proverbial gets a bit real in our personal or professional lives - coaching is a brilliant sense-check.

So have a good look at the Carnegie triangle and while you're trawling through the incredible material from Dale Carnegie, make sure you have a look at Andrew Carnegie as well.

Two men, a wealth of knowledge. And no, they're not related.

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