Have business. You're in sales. It's as simple as that!

If you're in business, then almost by default, you're in sales too.

With every meeting, every networking opportunity; every phone call, email, social media post or message reply ... you are marketing yourself, your profile and what you stand for.


Because at the heart of everything we do - everything we "sell" is trust and meaningful relationships! Somethings you can't just learn - they come inherantly - and the trick is to channel those natural skills and "things we just do" into effective communication channels, build trust and develop solid client relationships.

Want to know more?

Check out these courses we have around sales - from the fundamentals to the high-end negotiations, we can tick the boxes, cross the Ts and dot the Is to make sure you and your team have the edge they need.

Give me a call on 0438 575 410 or drop me a message here via LinkedIn and we can talk more: see what your thoughts are around the needs in your business and how I can help you out!


*Andrew Snow is a certified organisational coach and licensed Focal Point International coach. Incidentally, he's also a junior footy coach, loves a good game of footy and loves a yarn about any and all of these things! Give him a call on 0438 575 410, or connect via Facebook, LinkedIn or email him at asnow@caconsultants.com.au


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