Information Overload: What's really important for your business?

Information. There is just so much of it.

Type anything - and, yes, literally, anything - into a google search and see what comes back! Thousands of hits, pages, images and articles, and pages and pages of links.

In the business space, when it comes to models, strategies, templates and cultural tools - you name it! - it is blindingly overwhelming.

Think about it though, considering the research done by the likes of Brian Tracy, it's little wonder.

Add that, then, to the likes of de Bono, Covey, Carnegie ... and you soon get the picture.

So how do you wade through the sheer vastness of this information - which spans the entire spectrum on personal and organisational development - and find what suits you and your business best?

That's where a coach comes in.

Whatever the context, it's a coach's role to identify and strategise around the strengths and challenges of the team: both as a whole and as the sum of the individuals therein.

Then, the right tools are selected and applied with practised precision.

There's no guess work. There's no wasted time with a one-size-fits-all approach which then needs to be adapted and moulded to each organisation's needs.

Whatever the framework, and however broad its scope, it's only maliable to a degree. Everything has its limits.

Your core business is what you should do best. And it's what you should spend most of your time on.

Time wasted on wading through oceans of information, in the hope you might find what you're looking for, is unproductive and it will affect your bottom line.

Is it worth it?

If this has piqued your interest, or you've been known to lose hours on end into a digital information abyss, give Andrew a call.

He knows his stuff, he knows where to find it and not only will he save you time, he will grow your business, develop your team and save you pulling your hair out!


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