Is success in your crosshairs?

What is a focal point?

The good old Australian Pocket Oxford (4th edn, 1999) defines it as the centre of focus or the centre of attention. It stands to reason then that taking the same kind of approach in business is going to enable you to hone in on precisely what your strengths are; and, almost more importantly, precisely upon what's holding you back.

So, just stay, for a moment, in that business thinking space.

What do you need? What are you doing well? What's holding you back?

Sometimes those questions might be easy to ask; but they're certainly not easy to answer.

Focal Point International is a sum of all the best strategies, all the best business tools, and all the best business training programs as developed by world-renowned coach and business development champion Brian Tracy.

It is a comprehensive, practical and applicable suite of mechanisms amassed during Tracy's sterling 30-year career.

But sometimes, heaps of information can be overwhelming.

That's where Mackay coach, Andrew Snow, of Focal Point International comes in.

A Focal Point Business Coach gives you the knowledge you need as well as the resources which are applicable to you and your business.

What's more, though, Andrew will step you through each and every tool and model and show you not only how it applies in the context of your organisational and personal needs, but he will show you how to apply them until they become intrinsic and habitual.

Talking to a business coach is where the journey really begins if you're looking to achieve personal goals and reach business objectives and outcomes.

Andrew can help you navigate through the vastness of the business resources available, across the full spectrum of organisational functionality, culture and operational structures.

Most importantly, Andrew just loves talking to people about their businesses and he'd love to help you take a helicopter view of what's working, what needs some love and – most excitingly – where there is scope for growth!

Indeed, it's a journey. But as you'll see over coming weeks, you're not in it alone.

*Andrew Snow is a certified organisational coach and licensed Focal Point International coach. Incidentally, he's also a junior footy coach, loves a good game of footy and loves a yarn about any and all of these things! Give him a call on 0438 575 410, or connect via Facebook, LinkedIn or email him at


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